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Eye Shapes


Just about every lash style will be flattering on almond eyes. The lash shape is more about what you feel the most confident wearing.

We recommend our Citrine Lash

or Damon Lash


Hooded eyes feature a natural crease that makes your eyelids not as easily seen. If you have a harder time seeing your eyelid than you most likely have hooded eyes.

We recommend our Divine Lash

or Kai Lash

Deep Set

Because your eyes sit further back in the socket, you want to make sure lashes have enough volume to be seen but not too much where it can touch your brows. Something with medium density or wispy will look best on your eye shape.

We recommend our Salem lash or Kol Lash

Eye Shapes


More dramatic lashes look best on monolids because they give the eye some dimension without overpowering the eye’s appearance.

We recommend The Serpent lash or The Klaus Lash


Keep the attention higher on the eyes so you lift the eyes up. You want to make sure the lashes have a round shape to give the illusion of a lift.

We recommend The 888 lash or The Stefan Lash


Prominent eyes will make any lash very visible on the lid. We recommend a structured lash with light to medium density

We recommend The Aphrodite lash

or The Enzo Lash

Discover your perfect nude

As a professional makeup artist for the past 8 years, I know how hard it could be to pick out the perfect nude for your complexion. Working at MAC and helping customers try on lipstick after lipstick until they find the perfect nude, I’m here to make it easy for you. It all comes down to you complexion.

Skin tones


Try a dusty baby pink. Something too beige will not be flattering. Avoid super opaque, flat nudes and suggests using a more sheer formula.

We recommend our Lalla Lipstick


Rosy-beige nude lipstick looks most flattering.

We recommend our Freyja lipstick


It’s best to stick to nude lipstick shades with peach or pink undertones. Avoid choosing a shade that is too similar to the skin tone since you don't want it to just blend in with your clients complexion. I recommend trying shades that are slightly lighter or darker than the natural coloring.

We recommend our Kali Lipstick


From peach nude lipstick shades to light golden beige shades. A peach nude lipstick is great for balancing green undertones in olive skin. Light golden beige nudes help to enhance olive complexion.

We recommend our Kali Lipstick


Chocolate nude, to nudes with red or blue undertones. The only shades we don’t recommend are any nude lipsticks with grey undertones, they will wash you out!

We recommend our Lakshmi Lipstick

Beautdee Lash Tutorial

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